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Our Support Services

Huntington’s NSW ACT offers four types of support services including NDIS Support Coordination, Youth Services, Counselling, and Support Groups. Please click on the links below, or scroll further down the page to search by audience, location or type of support.

Featured Resource Library Articles

A Caregiver’s Handbook for Advanced-Stage Huntington Disease – Pollard, J. (ed.) 1999

The aim of this book is to familiarise carers with Huntington's disease, so that they can recognise its symptoms and know what to expect as it progresses.
It also includes general principles of care and tips that other carers have found useful.

Isolation tips and support for young people and their families 

As everything changes around us day by day, in ways most of us have never experienced before, we are feeling a lot of uncertainty – in our own lives, for our families, friends and for the world in general. In a situation like this, both the known and the unknown can cause increased levels of worry and stress, especially for those in families affected by Huntington’s disease who are already coping with a lot.
Access our Youth Connection counselling services.

I’m a carer and I need a break…

Carer respite is not covered in the NDIS. What words do I need to use when talking to the NDIS planner so that I can get some respite to help me to continue my caring role.