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Therapy Services

Music and Social club

Music therapy is an evidence-based, non-pharmacological intervention for people with HD (pwHD): Research shows that pwHD are responsive to music stimulation; have a high demand for emotional expression and maintenance of a social relationship; and that music therapy interventions improve the quality of life for pwHD, in the dimensions of physical, mental, emotional and social functioning.

A partnership has been formed with Harmony Direct Music Therapy and Education (Xiaoyon Lu) to run a new look Music and Social club.

The music therapy approach chosen is resources orientated focusing on a person’s strengths, followed by some hardcore UNO.

Our members work towards therapeutic goals, such as responding verbally in short phrases, improving fine motor gross skills, managing difficult feelings and vocal improvisation.

Click here to view the calendar of events.

‘My Voice’ Art club

The philosophy of this art program is phenomenological in nature; promoting the development of self-awareness. The art experience allows a creative response which is unique to the person participating.

Art provides a forum for memory and an opportunity to exercise the hands. Members enjoy the calmness of creativity, as the hand liaises for the brain, finding context in memory and offering periods of self-control. In addition, members enjoy the pleasure of friendship and a renewed sense of well-being.

Guidance is provided by our brilliant art facilitator, Stephen Denocoure.

He encourages members to freely define their own creative communication through the use of visual and poetic art forms, as can be seen here.

Through art people with HD can be given a new voice.

Click here to view the calendar of events.

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