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HD Spotlight on Gabby Phillips

The HD Spotlight on Gabby Phillips – Research Fellow and Community Advisory Committee member

Q. How did you get into the HD world?

I was at a crossroads in my career and someone close to me was diagnosed. I looked into the research in Australia and saw very little on Huntington’s disease, and I wanted to contribute.

Q. Why did you become a Community Advisory Member?

I wanted to support people living with and caring for people with Huntington’s. My work can be very science-focused, and I always like to bring it back to the people.

Q. What is the best part about working with HD families?

Being reminded of the people behind the disease and why we need to develop better options for these people is the most important part. I’ve been very surprised in my life at the people I’ve met with HD, all around me, but I’d never know it unless I started a conversation about my work with them first. It feels very special to know them.

Q. What keeps you enthusiastic about your job?

Again it all about those outcomes for people with HD. The hopeful prize at the end of our work is having a real effect; saying to someone ‘You have Huntington’s, here’s a treatment option for you.’  Research will make that difference and we never know when we’ll find something!

Q. What is your ideal Sunday?

Morning markets and an afternoon cooking with a glass of wine 🙂. Slow Sundays are perfect!



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