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NOTICE OF 2023 Annual General Meeting – 25 November 2023

Dear financial member of Huntington’s NSW & ACT Inc.

Please find below links to the following papers which your Board has approved for our 2023 annual general meeting:

Please note this is a special general meeting as, in order to pass the proposed resolutions to wind the Association up, a 75% majority of members present and voting in favour is required.

The meeting will be held virtually to encourage as many members as possible to attend from around NSW and the ACT.

  1. Notice of meeting / agenda
  2. Draft minutes of 2022 annual general meeting
  3. Annual report to members 2022 – 23
  4. Audited financial statements 2022 – 23
  5. Summary report on activities from July to November 2023

Please also consider – if you have not already done so – letting Huntington’s Australia know you are interested in joining them as we wind up at the state level.  Click HERE to let them know.  First year membership is free.

We look forward to your attendance on Saturday 25 November.

Click here to join the Annual General Meeting

The agenda also contains a link to the meeting.

Please note – this will open a screen inviting you to Join your Teams meeting. If you don’t have the MS Teams APP, don’t worry, just click on => Continue on this browser. This works for everyone who does not have a MS Teams account.

Lewis Kaplan
Public Officer