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What is Carer Gateway?

Carer Gateway is an Australian Government initiative that is making some changes to better help Australian carers. Any carer is eligible for the Carer Gateway.
A carer is any individual who provides care and support to a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, drug and/or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail.

Carer Gateway:

Who is Carer Gateway for?

Carer Gateway is for anyone who is an unpaid carer.

Carers can be any age. Carers can provide any sort of care – some carers look after another person 24 hours a day and help with daily living, while other carers look after people who are fairly independent but who sometimes need help.

If you are or know someone who is a carer then register for Carer Gateway support on 1800 422 737.

Who are the Carer Gateway service providers?

Each region in Australia has a Carer Gateway service provider. This means that the person you talk to knows what support and services are available in the area. Find out more about the service providers for NSW and ACT.

Want to know more?

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