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HD Buzz

HDBuzz is a collaboration of scientists who write Huntington’s disease research news in plain language for the global HD community. They have allowed us to retrieve their articles for the NSW ACT Huntington’s community.

Westmead HD Outreach Service

The Outreach Service is part of a multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing and allied health services which provides review, intervention, treatment, case management, counselling, support, education and management of problems and issues associated with Huntington’s for patients, their families and carers. In addition to this care, the service has been involved in local and major international research studies since its establishment at Westmead Hospital in 1995. Hundreds of volunteers have generously participated in research to better understand the disease and in the search for effective treatments.

Westmead Hospital is a HSG Credential Research Site. Professor Clement Loy is the Principal Investigator for this site.

Global research collaboration

The Huntington Study Group (HSG) is the world’s first HD cooperative therapeutic research organization. Today, HSG is a world leader in facilitating high quality clinical research trials and studies that bring us closer to finding more effective treatments for HD and reducing the burden of HD for families affected by the disease.

HSG is an organization of compassionate professionals dedicated to finding treatments that make a difference, providing rigorous care initiatives, and improving the quality of life and outcomes for HD families. They bring together families, medical professionals, clinical researchers, HD advocacy groups, and sponsors to raise awareness of HD, share knowledge and best practices, and develop innovative treatments.


Enroll-HD is a clinical research platform and the world’s largest observational study for Huntington’s disease families. It is a resource for the entire HD community, including families, clinicians, researchers, advocates, and anyone else who has a connection to or an interest in HD.

Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia

The Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia (HDNA) is a project conceived by Professor Julie Stout of Monash University. Formed in 2020 to coordinate efforts that enhance care and services for HD and prepare for the advent of new HD treatments. The Map-HD Registry is for people in Australia who are affected by HD. All family members or people affected by HD are encouraged to register, whether or not they are at risk themselves.

          Huntington's Disease Network of Australia

Interview: CHDI Management

Published date: 25 February, 2011

CHDI Foundation, Inc. is a unique drug discovery organization focused exclusively on rapidly developing therapies that slow the progression of HD. It is the biggest funder and organizer of HD research worldwide, but many people affected by HD have never heard of it. During CHDI’s Annual Therapeutics Conference in Palm Springs, HDBuzz spoke exclusively to ... Read more

CHDI Report: Day 3

Published date: 10 February, 2011

Our third and final daily report from CHDI’s annual HD therapies meeting in Palm Springs, covering chemicals that can help neurons to survive, and insights into CHDI’s most advanced experimental drug programs. Growth factors The final day of CHDI’s therapeutics conference began with a session devoted to growth factors. A growth factor is a chemical ... Read more

CHDI Report: Day 2

Published date: 9 February, 2011

Our second daily report from CHDI’s annual HD therapies meeting in Palm Springs, devoted to problems with energy generation and chemical pathways … and ways we might be able to fix them Bio-ener…whatnow? Wednesday 9th February at the CHDI Therapeutics Meeting was all about ‘bioenergetics’ and ‘metabolism’. That’s science-speak for how the body uses the ... Read more

CHDI Report: Day 1

Published date: 8 February, 2011

In the first of our daily reports from CHDI’s annual HD therapies meeting in Palm Springs, we report on strategies to turn off the harmful gene and get brain cells communicating more effectively. At the heart of the CHDI therapies meeting is three days of scientific presentations by world-leading scientists working to find effective treatments. ... Read more

Anti-nausea drug helps cells with the HD mutation stay healthy in a surprising way

Published date: 4 February, 2011

The connection between cellular energy levels and HD is more complicated than we previously thought, but in a way that opens a door to more possible treatments. It seems drugs that actually slow down the production of energy can rescue cells with the HD mutation from dysfunction and death. Energy in HD Energy is a ... Read more

HDBuzz takes your questions to the annual therapeutics meeting of CHDI

Published date: 28 January, 2011

Over the last few years, CHDI Inc. has become the largest single driving force behind the development HD treatments. CHDI’s annual therapeutics conference in Palm Springs, California, brings together pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and researchers to share their latest, hottest findings and talk about the path to a cure. HDBuzz will be reporting from the ... Read more

Welcome to HDBuzz

Published date: 18 January, 2011

HDBuzz is now live! Your source for Huntington’s disease research news, in plain language, written by scientists, for the global HD community. Reliable, impartial and free to share, HDBuzz will bring you solid reasons to have hope, by explaining latest news from the worldwide effort to find effective treatments for HD. Welcome to HDBuzz It’s ... Read more

Memantine in HD: dose is everything

Published date: 15 January, 2011

A drug used to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease might be beneficial in HD through altering the balance of good and bad messages coming into neurons. New research in HD mice suggests that low doses of memantine might be best, and hopefully a planned trial of low-dose memantine in HD patients will give us ... Read more

An active lifestyle may make a difference to HD symptoms

Published date: 10 January, 2011

We all know that exercise and staying active are good for everyone, whether or not they are at risk of developing HD. A new study of lifestyle activities in people with the HD mutation suggests that staying active is even more important in HD, and that passive habits – especially during the teenage years – ... Read more

Frequently asked questions, January 2011

Published date: 7 January, 2011

The first in a monthly series of FAQ articles covering hot topics and burning issues in the science behind HD. What causes Huntington’s disease? HD (Huntington’s disease) is caused by a mutation in a person’s DNA. Your DNA is basically lots of instructions for building your body and keeping it running. DNA is organized into ... Read more