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HD Buzz

HDBuzz is a collaboration of scientists who write Huntington’s disease research news in plain language for the global HD community. They have allowed us to retrieve their articles for the NSW ACT Huntington’s community.

Westmead HD Outreach Service

The Outreach Service is part of a multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing and allied health services which provides review, intervention, treatment, case management, counselling, support, education and management of problems and issues associated with Huntington’s for patients, their families and carers. In addition to this care, the service has been involved in local and major international research studies since its establishment at Westmead Hospital in 1995. Hundreds of volunteers have generously participated in research to better understand the disease and in the search for effective treatments.

Westmead Hospital is a HSG Credential Research Site. Professor Clement Loy is the Principal Investigator for this site.

Global research collaboration

The Huntington Study Group (HSG) is the world’s first HD cooperative therapeutic research organization. Today, HSG is a world leader in facilitating high quality clinical research trials and studies that bring us closer to finding more effective treatments for HD and reducing the burden of HD for families affected by the disease.

HSG is an organization of compassionate professionals dedicated to finding treatments that make a difference, providing rigorous care initiatives, and improving the quality of life and outcomes for HD families. They bring together families, medical professionals, clinical researchers, HD advocacy groups, and sponsors to raise awareness of HD, share knowledge and best practices, and develop innovative treatments.


Enroll-HD is a clinical research platform and the world’s largest observational study for Huntington’s disease families. It is a resource for the entire HD community, including families, clinicians, researchers, advocates, and anyone else who has a connection to or an interest in HD.

Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia

The Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia (HDNA) is a project conceived by Professor Julie Stout of Monash University. Formed in 2020 to coordinate efforts that enhance care and services for HD and prepare for the advent of new HD treatments. The Map-HD Registry is for people in Australia who are affected by HD. All family members or people affected by HD are encouraged to register, whether or not they are at risk themselves.

          Huntington's Disease Network of Australia

Oz Buzz Updates: Day 3

Published date: 14 September, 2011

Our final daily report from the Huntington’s disease World Congress brings together all the live updates from our twitter feed. Video of both Oz Buzz sessions – with news, interviews and features – is on YouTube now and will be available to watch at HDBuzz.net later this week. Wednesday, September 14, 2011 8:33 – Jeff ... Read more

Oz Buzz Updates: Day 2

Published date: 13 September, 2011

Our second daily report from the Huntington’s disease World Congress brings together all the live updates from our twitter feed. Video of the day’s Oz Buzz session – with news, interviews and features – will be available to watch at HDBuzz.net later this week. Tuesday, September 13, 2011 8:44 – G'day from Melbourne: day 2 ... Read more

Oz Buzz Updates: Day 1

Published date: 12 September, 2011

Our first daily report from the Huntington’s disease World Congress brings together all our live updates from our twitter feed. Follow us live for the second day at @HDBuzzFeed. Video of the day’s live Oz Buzz session – with news, interviews and features – will be available to watch at HDBuzz.net later this week. Monday, ... Read more

Stand By for Oz Buzz

Published date: 9 September, 2011

The Huntington’s disease World Congress starts this weekend. Follow @HDBuzzFeed for live updates, check out HDBuzz.net for the latest news and videos, and send us your questions for the top HD scientists. Oz Buzz – live from The World Congress on Huntington’s disease The World Congress on Huntington’s disease is the biggest international meeting of ... Read more

Ten golden rules for reading a scientific news story

Published date: 5 September, 2011

Real progress is being made on the road to Huntington’s disease treatments, but sometimes it feels like scientists promise more than they can deliver. So, HDBuzz has come up with ten ‘golden rules’ to help you decide whether a news story or press release offers genuine promise for HD, or whether its claims should be ... Read more

Protein-folding drug helps HD mice… for a while

Published date: 23 August, 2011

The heat shock response is a defensive strategy that helps proteins to keep the right shape in times of stress. UK researchers have shown that activating the heat shock response is good for HD mice – but the benefit didn’t last because it was undermined by other effects of the HD mutation. Now they’re working ... Read more

A back-to-front hidden message in the HD gene?

Published date: 19 August, 2011

The double-helix of our DNA contains a backup copy of every gene. Sometimes the backup DNA produces hidden ‘messages’ that can alter things in our cells. Researchers have now discovered a message in the backup copy of the Huntington’s disease gene, which appears to be able to influence how much huntingtin protein is made. Unzip ... Read more

Stem cells and HD: past, present and future

Published date: 8 August, 2011

Everyone’s heard of stem cells, but so far, stem cell treatments for Huntington’s disease have disappointed. Scientists can now create stem cells from skin samples – and even cut out the middle man to make brain cells directly. Stem cell treatments are still a long way off, but these cells are already accelerating HD research ... Read more

Coming soon from the HD World Congress: Oz Buzz!

Published date: 1 August, 2011

This September, your HDBuzz editors Jeff Carroll and Ed Wild will be teaming up with Emmy award-winning broadcaster Charles Sabine to bring you ‘Oz Buzz’ – the hottest science news from the World Congress on Huntington’s Disease in Melbourne, Australia – September 11-14, 2011. The World Congress on Huntington’s Disease The World Congress on Huntington’s ... Read more

Therapeutics conference videos now online

Published date: 26 July, 2011

HDBuzz covered CHDI’s therapeutics conference in February 2011 from Palm Springs. Now, videos of many of the scientific presentations have been made available to watch online. The therapeutics conference The annual Huntington’s disease Therapeutics Conference, hosted by CHDI Foundation Inc., is a unique forum for HD researchers to come together, share exciting findings, and establish ... Read more