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Fundraise for us

Thank you for choosing to help Huntington’s NSW ACT.

We are very grateful to everyone who supports the vital work of Huntington’s NSW ACT by holding external events or activities to help raise funds. Your efforts help us provide essential services for people with Huntington’s disease and their families.


Create your own fundraising page  for your event. This will help you to track how much you are raising and thank supporters. It is a quick and easy way for people to donate, and receipts are automatically generated.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Host a movie night or games night with friends at home
  • Enter a run, walk or cycle, then ask friends to sponsor you
  • Utilise Huntington’s events – Walk 4 Hope and Have a High Tea 4HD
  • A dinner party in your home for friends and ask for an “entry fee”
  • Arrange a raffle
  • Run a sporting event
  • Arrange dinner at a local restaurant
  • Host a trivia night at a local venue
  • Host a movie night at your local cinema
  • Host a comedy night at your local venue
  • Run a street fair stall

Or participate in events and fundraisers such as City2Surf, Blackmores Run, Colour Run, and nominate Huntington’s NSW ACT as the charity beneficiary.

Alternative Fundraising Guidelines

For fundraising that requires more commitment you will need to follow our guidelines to help you organise your own fundraising event. This section contains guidelines and suggestions as well as information about your responsibilities as a fundraiser. It also highlights ways in which we can help you ensure that your event is a great success.

Before you begin to fundraise, you will need to review our guidelines and the terms and conditions to ensure your upcoming fundraising event is not only successful and fun, but also in accordance with the law.

No matter how big or small your fundraising activity is, we are grateful for your support and want to express a sincere thank you for all your efforts.

Step 1

Decide the type of fundraising event you’d like to do and make sure you understand your responsibilities as a fundraiser as seen in the Fundraising terms and conditions.

A few ideas to help you think of ways to raise funds:

  • Significant commitment
  • Large Charity Auction
  • Complete your own Challenge Event – eg Cycling, running, swim
  • Hold a Gala event such as a ball or large dinner
  • Host a series of trivia nights
  • Golf Day
  • A Raffle with significant return

Step 2

Download the Fundraising Kit and let us know about your planned activity.

Step 3

Upon approval of your fundraising event, we will send you a Letter of Authority to confirm your approval and give you the ‘go ahead’.

Step 4

Start organising your event!

Step 5

Within one month of finishing your event, send any funds raised and the paperwork required back to us.

There are so many different and creative ways you can fundraise! When deciding on what you will do, make sure it is something you are comfortable doing and feel able to achieve.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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